What's on tap?

City Steam Brewery Beer List

updated 6.10.2021

What's on tap?

*Colt 46
American Light Lager | 4.3% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Our lightest offering in color, calories and carbs. An easy-drinking American light lager brewed with100% malt and no adjuncts

Session Pilsner | 4.3% | 16oz can | 6

Brewed with the finest noble hops and German Pilsner malt, this beer is crisp, clean, and sessionable with a bright, snappy finish that invites you back for another sip. And another, and another...

*Export Lager
Dortmunder Lager | 5.8% | 16/23oz | 6/8

A classic Dortmunder/Export-style German Lager.  Brewed with imported malts & hops, this beer is smooth & easy drinking.  Gentle cracker/biscuit malt notes balanced out by a spicy & herbal hop bite.

Kolsch-style Ale | 4% | 16/23oz | 6/8

This Kolsch-style ale is brewed with North American Pilsner and Wheat malts. Saaz hops are added for some bittering, creating a floral, grassy malt aroma and a wheat bread flavor with a light, clean finish.

Pale Ale | 6% | 16/23oz | 7/9

This hoppy pale ale was infused with a touch of pomegranate to give it a pink hue and a slight tartness. 70 IBU's of American hops are used in the kettle to balance the sweet flavor of the fruit, and dry hopping with Calypso gives depth to the aroma. 

*Naughty Nurse IPA
IPA | 6.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Double dry hopped with  five different varieties of American hops. Golden in color with light malt character and a slight haze. A clean American IPA that makes an easy food pairing with most of our menu

*Jungle Crush!
Modern IPA| 7% | 16/23oz | 7/9

A house favorite: Low malt profile with massive additions of Citra, Simcoe, Cascade, and Mosaic yield a crisp and citrusy IPA. Punchy nose and full flavor, welcome to the Jungle!

New England IPA| 7% | 16oz can | 7

This hazy IPA was brewed with a focus beyond its appearance. Flaked Oats and wheat provide a silky texture for the soft, juicy flavors of Citra and Mosaic to shine, while massive dry hopping creates a complex medley of fruit flavors including mixed berries, juicy apricot, and ripe orange.

New England IPA | 6.6% | 16/23oz |7/9

The Experimental I.P.A. series is a rotating selection of IPA’s, mostly New England style!
This is a fragrant New England style IPA with a soft, silky mouthfeel from wheat and oats and a fruit forward hop character of pineapple, grass, pine, and earthy tea. Juicy hop character up front with a clean, drying finish. Dry hopped heavily and brewed in small batches for maximum freshness. They will not be on for very long and may not come back!

*Naughty Nurse
Amber Ale | 5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Brewed for a spicy, slightly bittersweet finish in the traditional English manner. Delicate malt caramel-like sweetness paired with traditional English hops. Our flagship ale!

Imperial Strong Ale | 9.5% | 10 oz | 8

A strong ale take on our flagship beer, The Naughty Nurse. Built on a foundation of our classic Amber Ale, this Imperial Strong Ale emboldens the standard grain bill to deliver a brew that's true to its inspired roots--bold, balanced, and eminently drinkable. She's been a craft icon for 23 years, and is here for you this winter with a reminder to smile and stay strong. All hail The Imperial Naughty Nurse!

*Steampunk Porter
Vanilla Porter | 5.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Brewed with Chocolate malt, dark wheat, and carabohemian malts for a complex malt character with notes of dark caramel, bittersweet chocolate, and a slight roast. Vanilla compliments these flavors without overpowering, providing a warm, comforting  quality

Kettle Sour Ale | 5.6% | 16/23oz | 6/8

This sour ale features a blend of mixed berry and citrus flavors that shine bright as the sun on a long summer day. A touch of lime puree is used to enhance the tart flavors of the kettle souring process, and an addition of vanilla bean highlights the sweet flavor of our selection of mixed berries.

*= available for $3 Happy Hour

Guest Taps

Downeast Original
unfiltered Sweet Hard Cider | 5.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Pilsner | 4.9% | 16/23oz | 6/8

A crisp, easy drinking Pilsner beer. Noble hops in perfect balance with only the finest Pilsner malt provide a clean and satisfying brew that is as welcoming as the Green State itself.

Pilsner | 4.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Hero is our premium pilsner. Crisp, clean and refreshing! Perfect after a day at work. Cheers to everyday heroes.

NEIPA | 6.7% | 16/23OZ | 7/9

This juicy double dry hopped New England IPA is loaded with Citra and Talus hops. With notes of Tropical Fruits, Citrus Rinds, Pine Resin, and Pink Grapefruit. Enjoy cold and drink fresh.

Raspberry Lambic | 2.5% | 10 oz | 6

This Lambic is deep red with a medium body. It has medium sweetness and is reminiscent of raspberries, sweet herbs, and yeast. Zippy acidity balances out the sweetness to provide a harmonious finish.