What's on tap?

City Steam Brewery Beer List

updated 4.9.2021

What's on tap?

*Colt 46 | American Light Lager | 4.3% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Our lightest offering in color, calories and carbs. An easy-drinking American light lager brewed with 100% malt and no adjuncts

*NAUGHTY LITTLE PILS | Session Pilsner | 4.3% | 16oz can | 6

Brewed with the finest noble hops and German Pilsner malt, this beer is crisp, clean, and sessionable with a bright, snappy finish that invites you back for another sip. And another, and another...

*Export Lager | Dortmunder Lager | 5.8% | 16/23oz | 6/8

A classic Dortmunder/Export-style German Lager.  Brewed with imported malts & hops, this beer is smooth & easy drinking.  Gentle cracker/biscuit malt notes balanced out by a spicy & herbal hop bite.

POMEGRANATE PALE ALE | Pale Ale | 6% | 16/23oz | 7/9

This hoppy pale ale was infused with a touch of pomegranate to give it a pink hue and a slight tartness. 70 IBU's of American hops are used in the kettle to balance the sweet flavor of the fruit, and dry hopping with Calypso gives depth to the aroma. 

*Naughty Nurse IPA | IPA | 6.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Double dry hopped with  five different varieties of American hops. Golden in color with light malt character and a slight haze. A clean American IPA that makes an easy food pairing with most of our menu

BLONDE ON BLONDE IPA | IPA | 6.6% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Our brand new Blonde is brewed with 100% locally grown malts (Thrall Pale, Wheat, Crystal 5) and hops (Chinook, Tahoma, Cascade). Aromas of orange, mint, and sweet wood balance this delicious beer to create a flavor profile that makes you happy to be in Connecticut!

*Jungle Crush! | Modern IPA| 7% | 16oz can | 7

A house favorite: Low malt profile with massive additions of Citra, Simcoe, Cascade, and Mosaic yield a crisp and citrusy IPA. Punchy nose and full flavor, welcome to the Jungle!

FOCUSED HAZE | New England IPA| 7% | 16/23oz | 7/9

This hazy IPA was brewed with a focus beyond its appearance. Flaked Oats and wheat provide a silky texture for the soft, juicy flavors of Citra and Mosaic to shine, while massive dry hopping creates a complex medley of fruit flavors including mixed berries, juicy apricot, and ripe orange.

*Naughty Nurse | Amber Ale | 5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Brewed for a spicy, slightly bittersweet finish in the traditional English manner. Delicate malt caramel-like sweetness paired with traditional English hops. Our flagship ale!

THE IMPERIAL NAUGHTY NURSE | Imperial Strong Ale | 9.5% | 10 oz | 8

A strong ale take on our flagship beer, The Naughty Nurse. Built on a foundation of our classic Amber Ale, this Imperial Strong Ale emboldens the standard grain bill to deliver a brew that's true to its inspired roots--bold, balanced, and eminently drinkable. She's been a craft icon for 23 years, and is here for you this winter with a reminder to smile and stay strong. All hail The Imperial Naughty Nurse!

*Steampunk Porter | Vanilla Porter | 5.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Brewed with Chocolate malt, dark wheat, and carabohemian malts for a complex malt character with notes of dark caramel, bittersweet chocolate, and a slight roast. Vanilla compliments these flavors without overpowering, providing a warm, comforting  quality

Blueberry + Guava TWIST | Fruited Kettle Sour | 4.3% | 16/23oz | 7/9

This kettle sour ale features a generous dosage of blueberry and guava puree for a juicy, sweet balance to the intense tartness from the lactobacillus. A touch of lemon peel in the kettle, vanilla bean in the fermenter, and a dry hopping of Mosaic come together to create a unique blend of sour and tropical fruit flavors.

*= available for $3 Happy Hour


Guest Taps

Downeast Original | unfiltered Sweet Hard Cider | 5.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

ZERO GRAVITY GREEN STATE LAGER | Pilsner | 4.9% | 16/23oz | 6/8

A crisp, easy drinking Pilsner beer. Noble hops in perfect balance with only the finest Pilsner malt provide a clean and satisfying brew that is as welcoming as the Green State itself.

THIMBLE ISLAND HERO PILSNER | Pilsner | 4.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Hero is our premium pilsner. Crisp, clean and refreshing! Perfect after a day at work. Cheers to everyday heroes.

LINDEMAN's FROMBOISE  | Raspberry Lambic | 2.5% | 10 oz | 6

This Lambic is deep red with a medium body. It has medium sweetness and is reminiscent of raspberries, sweet herbs, and yeast. Zippy acidity balances out the sweetness to provide a harmonious finish.