Our Beer

Whether enjoying them at home or at our downtown Hartford brew cafe, you can be sure that our line of beers are crafted to the utmost standards using time tested methods. Enjoy!

The Brewing Process

When steam was introduced to the brewing process in the mid-1800′s, it was the epitome of modernization. No more stoking fires or shoveling coal to keep the kettles boiling! All a brew master had to do was turn a few valves and the vapor started rolling. Better yet, steam provided a faster, more consistent flow of heat and, in turn, a better brew of beer.

Best of all, whether you’re drinking Porter, Pilsner or City Steam Ale, you know you’re getting the best brew in the state–at City Steam.


Jeff Pasquale, Brewmaster since 2018

Jeff was born in CT, and graduated from UConn in 2009 with a degree in economics.

Like most brewers, Jeff began as a homebrewer in 2008, where he quickly fell in love with the craft and decided to pursue brewing professionally. To get his foot in the door in the industry, he volunteered at New England Brewing Company cleaning kegs, canning, and assisting on brew days. To take a step further in brewing, he attended the Siebel/World Brewing Academy’s Master Brewer program both in Chicago and Munich where he was formally trained by German Brewmasters and travelled to breweries all over Europe.

Upon returning and receiving his certificate as a Master Brewer in 2013, he joined on as a brewer for the nearby Thomas Hooker Brewery where he became the head of beer development and was responsible for creating recipes for many well-regarded beers available throughout CT.

Jeff’s brewing philosophy mixes sound brewing technique with experimentation, passion, and curiosity; while always retaining a sense of balance. His favorite styles include well-crafted German lagers, quirky Belgian ales, and unique expressions of fragrant hops in American IPA’s. He also is no stranger to the Hartford area as he lives in the neighboring town of West Hartford since 2013.