Benefits & Regulations

Renew your mug club memberships or purchase a new membership now!

Thank you for being part of the City Steam Mug Club! We are proud to call you part of our family, and we look forward to another amazing year with you!

Here is a list of the benefits you will receive as a Mug Club member!




1. Your own personal mug!
Your mug is tagged with your own ID number, and you get your mug every time you come in. You can even add flair, like stickers and keychains, to personalize it!

Your mug must always remain at City Steam!
Your mug may not be used by anyone else, including family, friends, and colleagues.
If we accidentally break your mug, we will replace it. If you break your mug, it will cost $8 to get a new one.

2. LARGER Mug Pours!
As a City Steam Mug Club member, you will receive a handcrafted brew in your 23 oz. mug for the price of a 16 oz. pint.

Happy Hour applies to Mug Club members, with $2 off your draft on Wednesday-Sunday from 4-6PM (and extended Happy Hour on Thursdays until 7PM).
You will also receive this benefit on major Hartford event nights (including XL Center event nights, Yard Goats game nights, etc.), when we normally do not have happy hour.
***Happy Hour takes place in the bar area or on the patio (when it is open). Beers allowed for Happy Hour are determined by the Brewmaster & can change at any given time.***

3. Complimentary Beer!
You will receive a complimentary mug of beer in July.
A “free beer card” will be placed in your mug at the beginning of July 2023, and you can use it whenever you’d like!

4. Discounts!
Receive 20% off all non-discounted food that you purchase in house for you and ONE guest, and 20% off all retail items purchased at City Steam every time you come in!

***Sorry, this does not apply to growlers, comedy club admission, or online retail items.***



1. Only individuals aged 21 and over will be allowed to become Mug Club members. You must provide a valid ID.

2. A NEW member can buy a membership for $75 starting NOW. Existing members can renew their memberships for $65. Renewals take place on-site at the brewery with your server or bartender. If you cannot make it to City Steam Brewery, please contact Duane, Mug Club Coordinator, by calling 860-525-1600 after 4PM on Wednesday through Sunday.
THERE IS NO RENEWAL DEADLINE THIS YEAR. Your current mug numbers will be saved until you are able to come in and renew your Mug Club 2023 membership.
If you are unable to renew your Mug Club membership by December 31, 2023, you will then lose your number to first come, first serve signups for the 2024 year.

3. After August 1, 2022, the cost to join is $40, and is considered a half year membership. You will not receive the free beer card from July if signup late. 

4. Mug Club members are expected to compose themselves appropriately and respectfully to City Steam Brewery, City Steam staff, and its patrons when on the premises. City Steam reserves the right to remove members from the Mug Club, as well as the restaurant, for inappropriate behavior at its discretion, including permanent expulsion from the restaurant.
 In the event you are expelled from the Mug Club, you will not be refunded.

5. City Steam reserves the right to amend these policies and procedures at any time, for any reason.