Comedy Club Tap List

CitySteam Brewery comedy club Beer List

updated 2.19.2021

What's on tap?

Colt 46 | American Light Lager | 4.3% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Our lightest offering in color, calories and carbs. An easy-drinking American light lager brewed with 100% malt and no adjuncts

Export Lager | Dortmunder Lager | 5.8% | 16/23oz | 6/8

A classic Dortmunder/Export-style German Lager.  Brewed with imported malts & hops, this beer is smooth & easy drinking.  Gentle cracker/biscuit malt notes balanced out by a spicy & herbal hop bite.

POMEGRANATE PALE ALE | Pale Ale | 6% | 16/23oz | 7/9

This hoppy pale ale was infused with a touch of pomegranate to give it a pink hue and a slight tartness. 70 IBU's of American hops are used in the kettle to balance the sweet flavor of the fruit, and dry hopping with Calypso gives depth to the aroma. 

BLONDE ON BLONDE IPA | IPA | 6.6% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Our brand new Blonde is brewed with 100% locally grown malts (Thrall Pale, Wheat, Crystal 5) and hops (Chinook, Tahoma, Cascade). Aromas of orange, mint, and sweet wood balance this delicious beer to create a flavor profile that makes you happy to be in Connecticut!

Jungle Crush! | Modern IPA| 7% | 16 oz can | 7

A house favorite: Low malt profile with massive additions of Citra, Simcoe, Cascade, and Mosaic yield a crisp and citrusy IPA. Punchy nose and full flavor, welcome to the Jungle!

FOCUSED HAZE | New England IPA| 7% | 16 oz can | 7

This hazy IPA was brewed with a focus beyond its appearance. Flaked Oats and wheat provide a silky texture for the soft, juicy flavors of Citra and Mosaic to shine, while massive dry hopping creates a complex medley of fruit flavors including mixed berries, juicy apricot, and ripe orange.

Naughty Nurse | Amber Ale | 5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Brewed for a spicy, slightly bittersweet finish in the traditional English manner. Delicate malt caramel-like sweetness paired with traditional English hops. Our flagship ale!

THE IMPERIAL NAUGHTY NURSE | Imperial Strong Ale | 9.5% | 10 oz | 8

A strong ale take on our flagship beer, The Naughty Nurse. Built on a foundation of our classic Amber Ale, this Imperial Strong Ale emboldens the standard grain bill to deliver a brew that's true to its inspired roots--bold, balanced, and eminently drinkable. She's been a craft icon for 23 years, and is here for you this winter with a reminder to smile and stay strong. All hail The Imperial Naughty Nurse!

Steampunk Porter | Vanilla Porter | 5.5% | 16/23oz | 6/8

Brewed with Chocolate malt, dark wheat, and carabohemian malts for a complex malt character with notes of dark caramel, bittersweet chocolate, and a slight roast. Vanilla compliments these flavors without overpowering, providing a warm, comforting  quality

Blueberry + Guava TWIST | Fruited Kettle Sour | 4.3% | 16/23oz | 7/9

This kettle sour ale features a generous dosage of blueberry and guava puree for a juicy, sweet balance to the intense tartness from the lactobacillus. A touch of lemon peel in the kettle, vanilla bean in the fermenter, and a dry hopping of Mosaic come together to create a unique blend of sour and tropical fruit flavors.

Comedy Club Wine List



Magnolia Grove Chardonnay
Magnolia Grove Pinot Grigio
Magnolia Grove Cabernet
Magnolia Grove Merlot
Magnolia Grove Rose
Salmon Creek White Zinfandel



Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand     27
Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay, Washington     24
Cavaliere D'Oro Pinot Grigio, Italy     21
Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling, Washington     21
Castello del Poggio Moscato, Italy     27


Seven Falls Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington     30
14 Hands Merlot, Washington     27
Cellar 8 Pinot Noir, California     21
Gouguenheim Malbec, Argentina     21


Zonin Prosecco     7 | 27
Korbel Sparkling Brut     7 | 27
Mumm Brut Rose Champagne     50
Pommery Brut Royal Champagne     70

Comedy Club Cocktails

Comedy Cocktails

Lemon Vodka | Lemon | Simple Syrup
Mint | Club Soda

Gin | Simple Syrup | Lemon

Tequila | Grapefruit | Lime
Sparkling Water

Bully Bourbon | Simple Syrup | Lemon
Red Wine